15 март, 2015

WCA Activation LZ-00002 "Asenova Krepost"

 Asenova Fortress ( also called Petrich) , is a medieval fortress,  located in the Rhodope Mountains,  2km south from the town Asenovgrad, Bulgaria. The fortress has existed since the time of the Thracians, it was rebuilt in the IX century to guard passage to White sea and ensure the Byzantine frontier in this region. The first written evidence of the fortress is from the XI century. This information shows that the fortress possessed its own army and administration. It was conquered by the Crusaders during the Fourth Crusade.  
The fortress existed until 1410, when  destroyed by the invading Ottoman troops.The fortress is called after Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Assen II, who made a number of amendments in order to strengthen it in 1231.
Look at the fortress!

Our team

Our set-up

Our antenna: simple Inverted V for 20m band

 LZ1CM yl Donka, LZ1NY Victor....

 and LZ1YLE yl Eli

 At the museum nearby the fortress

The church

Total 185 QSO's

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