12 май, 2019

Mobile ham-shack rack ( a.k.a Vic's Cube )

Can be used by two operators and one SWL
Easy to build
Easy to use, easy to handle
Easy to reconfigure, rearrange
Power cables are as short as possible
Helps us to avoid a complete mess in the cabin
Comfortable operating conditions for crew-members :-)

Two sets of CAT interfaces, cables( one in a car, one at home)

Structural elements: aluminium profile 15x15, aluminium tube (square) 20x20x1.5, plastic corners ( abt 1.75 euro each), wooden shelves, pop rivets etc

Personal light for "left" operator. Small box act acts as lamp support. There is a on-off switch and 12VDC/5V(78L05) DC converter for LED lamp
Handles for easier carrying. Microphone holder.

Place your headphones jack and you can select audio source - TRCVR #1 or TRCVR #2. There are three such boxes

Front view
Floor One - SMPS and two CAT iterfaces, CW keyer
Floor Two : TRCVR #1
Floor Three: TRCVR #2 + SWR meter
TBD - Floor Four: Rotator(s) Control Panels, pan-adapter... etc

Rear View: cables, cables, cables...
I use XT60 connectors



Depth.... Two CAT interface can be seen.

The ancestor... version 1.0

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