20 декември, 2011

HV power supply for Geiger-Mueller Tube

High Voltage Generator for Geiger Tubes

Output Voltage vs. Input, measured by me

 Icc[mA] @ no load
version 1
GM tube СИ3-БГ (SI3-BG) may be is not suitable for measuring the background radiation.
This tube  is not very sensitive, it counts less than 1 cpm   without any radiation sources around   ??!! (in my case HV=420V)

14 декември, 2011

The BCC - Meteor Scatter Contest - 2011

Shortly before the Geminidis meteor shower...

I found my 11 el yagi fallen on the roof.
 One day before the contest I had to fix broken antenna and the mast.

13.Dec.2011 - 18 stations heard (including some LZ via tropo and backscatter), two WSJT random MS QSOs
14.Dec.2011 - six more WSJT random MS QSO's, and almost 20 stations heard.

One of the best conditions I have ever seen during my short experience in MS.

LZ3V (LZ1NY) used neither SKED's, nor KST chat during the BCC Meteor Scatter Contest-2011